Decrease your OSHA reportables by greater than 40% in 4-6 weeks thus containing and reducing insurance premiums (rework to focus more on injuries or WC claims rather than OSHA reportables)

Reduce medical expenses from urgent care referrals, physician visits and medical treatments.

Save injury related company costs. Averting even one non-surgical back injury from requiring medical treatment, you can save you tens of thousands of dollars in direct medical expenses.

Helping  Businesses - Attract qualified employees, keeping them more productive and fit to complete their tasks. Resulting in more efficiency, less down time and less expense. One of our primary goals is to keep your workforce working.

We design and implement pre-employment testing for the hiring process. This allows you to acquire a workforce that is better fit for their job duties within the ADA guidelines.




Hire right



Back to Work

Reduce injuries

Hire Right

Reduce Injuries

Retain Employees



We analyze the worker's job tasks and environment for risk then collaborate with mangement to determine if cost effective adjustments and be implemented to improve safety.

We provide your team early pain intervention with an on-site musculoskeletal safety expert. This encourages treatment without leaving the job environment, facilitates faster recovery and results in fewer cases becoming medical claims.

You know how it's so hard for employers to fulfill all their staffing needs in today's job climate?

E3 Testing, Inc. assists with these challenges by helping companies attract and retain valuable workers. We do this by improving employee safety at work, early intervention for the aches and pains that reduce productivity and increase turnover, as well as return the injured worker to their job faster through a back to work program.


On-site First Aid Clinic

Post-Offer Testing

Job Analysis

Ergonomic Assessments

Back to Work Conditioning​ 

To cope, many companies like yours are:

  • Cutting back on services and hours to match available staffing.
  • Paying more to attract new workers to do the job and offering additional benefits  for existing staff to keep them on-board.
  • Asking more of existing team members, often to the point of overwork then dealing with resultant turnover, injuries, absences and claims.

Here are some questions you might consider.

  • Are you afraid of losing your most valued employees and face the additional costs associated with recruitment and lost productivity?
  • Have you noticed that when your staff performs job tasks for which they are not accustomed to,  due to labor shortages,  the injury rates increase?
  • Is there a concern that your insurance premiums will rise from an uptick in injury claims due to employees having to perform additional work or tasks outside their normal scope of duties.

These challenges are likely affecting your customers, reputation, and bottom line.

What if you could address these challenges by:

  • Providing safety programs that ensure your current team maintains its productivity safely in a short staffed environment.
  • Creating an atmosphere where  employees feels like their health and safety are valued you.
  • Attracting and retaining a healthy workforce helping to better serve customers while containing costs in recruitment, training, and insurance premiums.